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Okular - Regenerate

Progressive melodic death metal from Norway

New album 'Regenerate' was released June 7th 2024 on Regenerative Productions!

Regenerate album

Praise for Regenerate (2024)

"A changing amalgam of straight-up barbaric death metal, prog-death metal, melodic death metal, and even – as you venture deeper into the album – elements from good old heavy metal and hard rock. It really is remarkable, from beginning to end!" (No Clean Singing)

"It takes quite a while between each time I’m presented with technical death metal of such a solid calibre and with such great appeal and likability." (Norway Rock Magazine)

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Praise for debut album Probiotic (2011)

Statement from Øystein G. Brun of Borknagar on the 2011 debut:

"The overall approach of Okular’s music, lyrics and visual expressions is the genuine intention and boldness to do something that challenge the cemented expectations regarding death metal. (…) Andreas Aubert is an interesting and talented composer with an original and creative artistic vision."

"Interesting album!" (Martin Wickler, German Metal Hammer)

"Okular is death metal’s Nevermore mixed with Mercenary" (Anders Peter Jørgensen, Voices From the Darkside)

"An impressive debut. The production is powerful and clear, the playing excellent and the tunes are solid" (Martin Kvam, Norway Rock Magazine)

"One of the most promising bands from Norway in 2011" (Pyro, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation).

Album of the month in Scream Magazine December 2011, Norwegian print publication.

"Full of exciting elements. The quality is such that it measures up to bands like Obscura and Gojira." (Rita Trondsgård, Scream Magazine)

The album features Yngve "Bolt" Christiansen from Blood Red Throne (2012-2023) as co-vocalist.