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Okular in 2022 - Marius, Bjørn Tore, Andreas, Eyvind. (Fredrik was absent when picture was taken.)

Andreas Aubert


Founder, composer, lyricist and backing vocalist

Andreas writes the music in the program Guitar Pro, at times without utilizing the physical guitar as a reference or point of departure.

Marius Skarsem Pedersen


Guitars, harsh and clean vocals

Marius also plays in the progressive and melodic death metal band Aspherium, for which he is the main composer, guitarist and vocalist.

Bjørn Tore Erlandsen

Bjørn Tore


Bjørn Tore also plays drums in Aspherium, a band he is leading together with Marius.

Eyvind W. Axelsen



Eyvind is also bassist and multi-instrumentalist/co-vocalist/co-songwriter in the experimental, dissonant, death metal band Diskord, and he assumed bass duties for Defect Designer on their Neanderthal release from 2022.

Fredrik William Aas


Harsh vocals

Fredrik is guitarist/vocalist/songwriter of the blackened stoner metal band Camelio.

Former members

Yngve Bolt Christiansen

Co-vocalist on the debut album Probiotic. Lead singer of Norwegian death metal band Blood Red Throne from 2012-2023.

Martin Skar Berger

Bass on the sophomore album Sexforce. He is currently bassist/clean vocalist of German Symphonic Folk metal band Equilibrium and has previously played with Norwegian bands Zerozonic, Wheels of Rust and Third Invention. He is perhaps most known for his YouTube channel SkarProductions and his work as a music producer, having produced Norwegian acts such as Deception and Fleshmeadow.

Jan Pinslund

Guitars, live 2012–2014. Was previously active with Profania.

Kai Åsvik

Bass on Probiotic. Currently active with Dead Void

Simen Folkestad

Bass, live 2012-2014. Currently active with his own band Fleshmeadow.

Session musicians

For more extensive info on session musicians see biography.

André Aaslie

Piano and orchestration on Sexforce (three songs), piano on Regenerate (one song).

Pål Mathisen

Vocals, harsh and melodic, on Sexforce (seven songs).

Manoon Ploypradab

Acoustic guitars on Probiotic (two songs) and Sexforce (one song).


Vocals, harsh and melodic, on Sexforce (one song).